segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2009

New Photo of the Week

This is one of my best photos (or at least is one of favorites).
It was taken on June, 7th 2007 from a spot I had been trying for quite a while.

That kind of pics, from that spot, aren't that usual, because the plane has to be using runway 23 (from runway 05, the most used you can also get some nice pics but it's harder, unless its a really early take off), and the best light is on the afternoon...during the morning and initially at afternoon you get too much backlit for any good results...

A nice curiosity on that day was that the plane brought a Ferrari (a real one) on its cargo bay (it was a regular flight with passengers, the space available was the comon one on a passenger flight...)
There's the Ferrari, near the handling cars
Anyway, here's another shot of that take off.

And just for curiosity, 3 other shots, also from that spot, with runway 05 in use (also in the afternoon)

Works better with big planes...

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  1. Rui tens toda a razão a primeira está para lá de belíssima!

    Parabéns por conseguires aproveitar todo esse belo cenário que essa ilha tem!