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After a night-stop, the PoAF C212-300 crew started preparing its flight before 10am.
Couldn't miss the chance of getting its departure as this kind of Aviocar is quite rare around here (PoAF only has 2 of the 300 type) and adding to all this, the replacer of the Aviocars, the new C-295 already started arriving to Portugal so, probably during next year, the C212-100 will all be taken off duty and these 300's the year after.The main mission of these planes is maritime surveillance and fishery fiscalization and other kind of oceanographic research.
Call sign for this flight was Fish34 so I guess it was a mission of surveillance and fiscalization of our Maritime Economic Area, which is one of the biggest in Europe.
(too bad the relative lack of investiment on the "hardware" for its fiscalization. Anyway, the Air Force is getting some new material for this. I guess the Navy situation is way worse with few and old ships. Looks like their Oceanic Patrol ships are still going to take "a little bit" more to get into duty...
In this photo, the diferences for the 100 version are quite visible:
One of the SLAR Antennas (Side-Looking Airborn Radar).
You can find some more info on this system here.
Thanks for the guys at 9G's Military Aviation Forum.
Starting up...
With this pic, you could almost thing you were in the Azores....military traffic and a couple of Sata's.... :)
"Cleared to taxi to runway 05"
A crewmember watching the sights, from the rear door window

Final destination was Porto Santo, our neighbour island where all the PoAF means of the Archipelago are detached.
It's a 15 minutes flight but their mission was to take them to at least a couple of naviation points around the archipelago. (They left around 10.10am and according to Paulo, at Porto Santo, at lunch time they still hadn't arrived).
There it goes! Good luck for your mission!

No window in the read door and some crewmember is also taking pictures, to my side...
(curious to see his photos... )

CS-AIC, the Piper, from Aeroclube da Madeira, was also training some touch and go's

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