quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2018

Global Inc.

More than ever, aviation is a global business :)
This is specially visible during summer season, when airlines try to get planes wherever they are to answer the high levels of demand...

From last week, a plane that really meets the "Global Inc." spirit, with a great looking mix :)
An hybrid, still with the livery of Libyan Afriqiyah Airways, with Small Planet titles, Lithuania registration, leased to a german airline (Condor)...

A320 LY-ONJ on short final to runway 05, with a shy sun, hiting the right spot, on the plane...

segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2018


From the same day of the first visit of the first TAP A321NEO, CS-TJI (check HERE), this was the kind of light that would be, if the TAP had arrived on time...(for the benefit of TAP, this time, the delay was due to the current state of chaos at Lisbon Airport...)

Anyway...lately only been to the airport for special traffic (in this case, the 321NEO) but, still do make some shots on the other birds, after all, it's allways a joy to make some shots with a lovely afternoon light...
On final to runway 05, racing a little boat, Easyet's A320 G-EZRW

Beacons! :)

and a somehow bit of a colorfull smoke on the touchdown...

sábado, 14 de julho de 2018

Photo of the Week: Transavia Sunweb

For this week was planning to choose as photo of the week a shot of Small Planet / Afriqiyah hybrid but Transavia finally decided to present the local spotters with the Sunweb livery plane...What a catch...Transavia hardly ever brings its special liveries to Madeira so, it was great to be able to get this one (Thanks for bringing it on a Saturday :)  )

B738 PH-HSJ on final to runway 05 with a very nice morning light despite the gathering dark clouds on the back...

Already over runway 05 and about to land.
From this spot (below the runway) we don't get the touchdowns but the morning approaches to runway 05 have great background... 
Only after arriving home realised that the livery is different on both sides....too bad...maybe I get another oportunity for some shots..

The TAP French planes...

While publishing last entry on F-HBAL, the Aigle Azur A319 leased by TAP, noticed that hadn't published yet any pic of it while on duty with the french airline, so a couple of pics of the Aigle Azur planes leased to TAP, for the summer while on duty with Aigle Azur...
A319 F-HBAL still with Aigle Azur old colors, on final to runway 23, back in 2015
A320 F-HBIS landing on runway 05, back in Sep.2015.
More on that day, HERE
While operating for TAP, HERE (F-HBAL) and HERE (F-HBIS)

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2018

A French TAP

TAP has leased a couple of Aigle Azur's for the summer.
Despite some rumours and images of special stickers for these planes, their're still white with Aigle Azur tails and small Operated By TAP stickers on the nose.

TAP's (Aigle Azur lease) A319 F-HBAL arriving to the stand

Haven't made any run for getting these, despite the many flights they've been making to Madeira but still, already managed to get a shot of F-HBIS at Lisbon (check HERE) and now, of F-HBAL, on the night of the Brazilian Challenger 350 (check HERE)

The record is made, unless they really get some nice stickers into the planes :)

quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2018

Agusta A109BA Hirundo

Keeping on with the military, a change on Madeira...

The "older Brother" of the probable replacement of Portuguese Air Force Alouette III (the AW119 Mk.II Koala), the Belgium Agusta A109BA Hirundo, now on display on the Air Museum of the Royal Army Museum, in Brussels.

H-08 (OT-ARH), CN  0308, entered on service back in Aug.1992, until Jan.2004
Check THIS page for a little more info on these helicopters.

quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2018

C-130: 2 anos

16804 na Madeira, em 2010
Muitos portugueses recordarão o dia de hoje, há 2 anos, como sendo o da chegada da Selecção Nacional a Lisboa, após se sagrarem Campeões Europeus, em França...mas, a vida continuava além disso e precisamente na altura em que as atenções se viravam para a chegada da Selecção, acontecia um dos momentos mais negros da Força Aérea, nos últimos anos:
Durante uma missão de treino, na Base Aérea do Montijo, despenhou-se um C-130, com perda total da aeronave e, pior, morte de 3 dos seus tripulantes.

A primeira vez que tive oportunidade de fazer umas fotos ao 16804 (aeronave acidentada) foi em 2010.
Fotos com aeronave em voo seriam eventualmente mais interessantes mas, escolhi propositadamente uma com um tripulante pois, esta entrada não trata da aeronave em si mas, dos homens e mulheres que todos os dias operam estes aparelhos e os mantêm a voar em condições cada vez mais difíceis e em especial, como homenagem aos que perderam a vida naquele dia.

Boa Missão!

terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2018

Condor from 23

Back to last month, from the same day of Easyjet's Berlin livery (OE-IZQ, check HERE), the departure of Condor's A321 D-AIAD, from runway 23

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2018

Brazilian by night

PR-HNG, a great looking Bombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 350, with one of the airport's fire trucks passing behind.

Yesterday, we got 3 Brazilian bizjets...2 of them, with very nice liveries...
Didn't managed to get any of the arrivals but as PR-HNG had this really nice livery and was within reach of some pics from the public balcony, decided to go for some night-shots...

With 1 TAP flight canceled and the other 2 delayed (way to go.....) was beeing a bit hard to get some color behind the plane but finally, the airport fire corp made a change on the vehicles of the Advanced fire station, allowing some nice long-exposure trail on the back.

Later, one of the TAP (an Aigle Azur plane) arrived, allowing some more shots but, more on that later..