terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2018

Back in time...10 years

Back to July 2008, a pic of Luxair's B737 LX-LGS landing on runway 05 with the previous livery

Opposite to many rebrandings these days, in my opinion, the new livery of Luxair turned out really nice and a lot better than this one...

domingo, 23 de setembro de 2018

Photo of the Week: First Vueling at Porto Santo

From August a sequence on the first Vueling at Porto Santo.
A320 EC-MAH was coming from Barcelona to Madeira but due to the winds out of limits, had to divert to the neighbour island.
landing on runway 36

taxiing to the apron

joining the TAP (A319 CS-TTI) and Binter (ATR-72 EC-LAD) that were already there

sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2018

TAP Express

De regresso ao ano passado, na capital, um registo do ATR-72 da TAP Express (Operado pela White) à saída do stand.
CS-DJB, com o A320 EC-IZR da Iberia ao lado
Entregue em Junho de 2016 à White e baptizado como "Guarda" é uma visão que dificilmente terei pela Madeira, pelo que suscita sempre o meu interesse, quando vou àqueles lados...

quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2018

I Love Manchester, by Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook UK A321 G-TCDM on final to runway 05, from Manchester
An unexpected catch, this morning, on a quick stop at the cargo terminal zone.
Haven't caught many Thomas Cook UK planes lately so, any of it would be nice..
Turned out it was carrying ILoveMCR titles...nothing to extravagant but still, a diferent touch on the regular livery...

quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2018


B767 are one regulars at Madeira but, during the summer, neighbour island of Porto Santo has been receiving a weekly flight from Milan by Neos, with the B763...
I-NDMJ just arriving from Milan...the return flight should arrive at Milan at an "interesting" time of the night....

segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2018

Divergidos no Porto Santo

Por hoje ficam 3 registos, do mês passado, no Porto Santo, de 3 dos aparelhos que divergiram para aquela ilha, devido aos ventos acima dos limites na Madeira.


Binter ATR-72 EC-LAD, que faria a ligação Porto Santo - Madeira...
Acabou por ser a primeira vez que ficou em nigh-stop na ilha Dourada
ver AQUI

A320 EC-MAH da Vueling a taxiar para o stand...acabaria por regressar a Barcelona, algum tempo depois...
Segundo os spotters locais, foi a primeira vez que tiveram um Vueling pelo Porto Santo.
Consegui fazer uns registos da aterragem...logo os partilho, daqui a uns dias... 
Ainda apareceu pelo Porto Santo um CRJ da Air Nostrum mas, acabaria por não o apanhar, já que acabaria por regressar a Madrid...

sábado, 15 de setembro de 2018

Photo of the Week: MEDEVAC at Zermatt

For a change on Portuguese Air Force EH-101 MEDEVAC's, at Madeira, a MEDEVAC at the Alps made by Air Zermatt, from its helipad, on the city
the Volkswagen ambulance was also from Air Zermatt

HB-ZSU, a Bell 429 Global Ranger

power on for the departure...

Departure...unfortunatelly, F*cked up the remaining shots of the departure as I was trying to keep a low shutter speed for the prop blur...got more blur than just the props... :P

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2018


Back to Madeira, from last month, a couple of Condor pic's, lining up on runway 05, in the morning...
(yeah...not the regular heart livery, for a change...)

A320 D-AICA, still with the retro livery, back from the 50's

Hybrid Afriqiyah / Small Planet A320 performing a Condor flight

terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2018

Golden Hour Easyjet

Golden Hour at golden island (Porto Santo) is quite nice...despite that, at the airport, the sun disapears a bit high behing the hills, it still gives a nice colors for the late afternoon landings....

Easyjet's A319 G-EZFV was one of the planes diverted from Madeira on this day, due to the winds and landed at Porto Santo with the very last sunlight on the runway...

touchdown on runway 36

far on the back, the "downtown" and the ferryboat "Lobo Marinho" that makes the connection to Madeira

Ended up staying for the night at Porto Santo.
Many faces on the windows, curious about this alternate destination.
Despite the change of plans, it should have been a very nice approach, over the 9km golden sand beach, into Porto Santo...