quinta-feira, 20 de julho de 2017


A few shots from the beginning of the month with a catch of the arrival of Easyjet's A320 G-EZRJ from a diferent spot.
This usually isn't a good spot for the runway 05 landings but, late in the afternoon and with a bit of a late landing turned out ok....Captain had some "Love" card on the window and other stuff but couldn't notice what really was...

taxiing to the apron, through taxiway Bravo

Together with Jet2 B738 G-GDFD

O TAP Suíço

À falta de possibilidade de apanhar as novidades (nomeadamente o primeiro 320 NEO na Madeira, que estreou esta semana por cá...e aparentemente regressa hoje...) fica um par de registos do mês passado, do A320 da TAP, CS-TQD, um aparelho que começou a voar há cerca de 17 anos, na Swissair e já passou pela Air Luxor antes de chegar à TAP, em 2006.

sábado, 15 de julho de 2017

New Photo of the Week: First Binter of the Year

From the beginning of the month, the first Binter of the year (for me....)
ATR-72 EC-JEH departing from runway 23 to the Canary islands....

No doubt where it was taken... :)

sexta-feira, 14 de julho de 2017

Belgium Family Life...Getting stupid

Had already some shots of Thomson's (TUI Uk) Family Life G-FDZG (check HERE) but this was the first time I got the belgium one (OO-JAF).
With runway 23 in use, would probably get some nice shots but decided to try to find a bit of a diferent spot for this take-off, as the G-FDZG had also been caught from here....
Well...long story short....this is the only pic I got of the plane.....

terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

British Airways from 23

First day of another handling company for British Airways at Madeira.
It should be interesting to register the moment with the handling vehicles around,,,unfortunatelly arrived to late for that...still...got the take-off...always nice on afternoons with runway 23 in use.
A320 G-GATS departing back to London Gatwick...
Feel free to bring an A320 with Sharklets, anytime.....

Jet 2 birds

Back to June once more, a shot of Jet2's B738 G-JZHA on final to runway 05 "racing" agains some bird (a swallow?) :)

sábado, 8 de julho de 2017

Photo of the Week: Air Europa 30 Years

30 Years of airline is allways worth to celebrate.
Can't say it's the prettiest special livery I've seen....but at least the number isn't under the fuselage, like the TAP 70 years.....
Anyway it was well worth the catch as it was the first I got Air Europa new livery despite  the older one is still my fav....
Photo of the Week: EC-MKL departing from runway 23 to Madrid
 And a few more pics of that day....landing on runway 23, from Bilbao

The taxi to runway 23, passing by US Challenger 300 N301JL

Another shot of the take-off..