Real Aeroclub de Maó

This week, noticed in an Aviation Forum ( a link for a page where you can see webcams from Airports all over Europe. (Check the link on the right...)

While  browsing this page, I found that there was one Webcam at Aeroclub de Mahon at Menorca, in San Luis Aerodrome.
Really not much traffic (only a few small planes) but it was interesting as I've been there during the summer vacations.

Passing by in San Luís I noticed the plate indicating an airfield, it was already getting dark and we were returning to the Hotel.
With my daughter sleeping in the back of the car we decided to have a look (I wife
Noting really special but it's allways interesting for me to visit these kind of places as in Madeira we only have the Intl. Airport and nothing like these small airfields where you can see small planes and be right next to them...

LESL - Real Aeroclube de Maó


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