New Photo of the Week - Eurocypria

It was only this week that I noticed that Eurocypria went also down...
Another airline that used to be regular (once a week, since 2007) at Madeira that's gone...

It used to come to Madeira at lunch time, which, oposite to most of the people, it's a bad time of the day for me.
The last weeks they were bringing the C-GLBW  with the grey tail, which looked quite bad (in my opinion), so never made much of a effort to go and get it...Now I definitely wont....

The premiere, back in 2007 (November, 1st)

and other shots....


  1. Já estava a espera.
    Agora é esperar pra ver se vai mais alguma embora...e ficamos com tap´s e sata´s e easy´s lol

  2. Da maneira que está...olha que não anda assim tão longe....


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