Memories: Britannia Airways

A few days ago, Jorge shared on it's blog some memory entry regarding a US military traffic.
It was a really nice entry regarding a traffic I never had seen around here, but amazingly, the thing that I most enjoyed on the all entry was a little detail on one of the pics...a Britannia Airways tail, on the apron...

Things and opinions really do change...
Back then I used to hate that livery, though it was old looking and those lines were awfull to photograph, specially for a guy that back then was just starting to photograph planes...
Some of the planes were starting to get the Tui livery which I thought (at the time) it was a great livery...
(That was before they started painting every plane, from Britannia, Thomson, Hapag-Lloyd, Jetairfly, etc....)

These days I'm completely full of Tui liveries (which I usually call Boring Blue...the Tuifly's look a little better...but really just a little....) and think that the Britannia livery after all was really nice and it would be great to have more of those to photograph.....

The times of change to Tui livery had come....

Check a few more Britannia photos on Jorge Abreu's Blog, HERE


  1. I was thinking about showing some old good memories of Britannia, but not these ones :P
    I will try to post soon the Britannia's.

  2. Found some shots of the 757 but they were quite crappy....

  3. Lembro-me de quando era pequeno, cheguei a ver cá essa companhia em PXO, com B757 (se a memória não me falseia).

    João Melim


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