100th Airbus

Yesterday and today, went on the afternoon to shoot some planes.
Nothing really special, just for the pleasure of spending the last days of vacations doing something you like.

Anyway, with all the shotting, it's just impossible to process and share everything you get, and you start having a huge archive of stuff that you don't even remember and didn't put anywhere but your own computer.

Sometimes is really great to go back and see some really nice stuff that you didn't put out.
Like the 100th Easyjet's Airbus.
I went for a long time trying to get it.
The first time I saw it was in Barcelona but it was definitely too far away to shoot it, specially with the small Ixus.
Then it started coming to Madeira, but I didn't go any of those times...

The day I finally got it was the day I had went to the airport to photograph Niki's ERJ-190.
I was with Miguel and after some time we saw an Easyjet on approach.
I almost didn't get my camera to photograph it...but then decided to take some shots....
(glad I did it....LOL)


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