sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2018

Condor Loves Sentido

Yesterday, on a quick stop, managed to catch some new stuff :)
One of the newbies (for me...) was this Condor A321 with special titles regarding the Sentido Hotels & Resorts.
Was at Santa Cruz when I noticed this one on final to runway 05, no way I could manage to get the arrival but was nice to make a record on the departure....

It's easy to notice Thursdays are Condor day at Madeira, currently (with 8 flights...)
Still, a nice record with 3 different liveries for Condor...A321 D-ATCD, with Sentido titles, A320 LY-VEF, leased to Avion Express and a different tone on the tail grey and A320 retro D-AICA

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