sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012

Medic 36

Last Wednesday went to the airport hoping to get some pics of the new plane that's now making the daily cargo flights Lisbon-Madeira-Lisbon.
Unfortunatelly, looks like those guys aren't too keen on schedulles...

Anyway, the morning wasn't a waste, still got the oportunity get a couple of Portuguese Air Force C-295's, from Sqn.502...
The first one (16710) is the one based at Porto Santo, on AM3 and made a quick flight to Madeira with a Medevac, from that island as Medic36

Landed on runway 23

The ambulance arrival to get the evacuated person to the Hospital, at Funchal

This one is ready to be quickly converted to VIMAR (survaillance) 

Quite noticeable the Sqn.502 patch on the F/O shoulder

Returning to AM3 with a short take-off from runway 23 and, passing by quite high....
(some low-level on the runway would be nice...hehe)

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