domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

New Photo of the Week: Spotting at LPMA

Last Thursday had to go to Machico.
If things turned out ok, I could manage to get the right timming to catch the arrival of the schedulled Monarch.

Unfortunatelly, didn't manage to do so...
Still, made a quick stop on one of the best and usual spotting places just in time to get the arrival of D-AICG, from Condor (come on Condor, how about bringing the retro D-AICA to Madeira??)

With a regular A320 from Condor, decided for a diferent view on its landing
Indeed a fantastic spotting place (it just needed the matching traffic....)

G-MONX, the Monarch A320 had already arrived.
It was the first visit from Monarch since they stoped flying to Madeira, at the end of last Summer season.
A charter flight, from Manchester, via London Gatwick that is schedulled to depart Sunday.
Anyway an already well known registation at Madeira...

On its regular parking, CS-TKJ, from Sata...
It sure spends a lot of time stoped over there...
Rumors on Sata International problems are starting to spread...who knows how real they are...??

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