segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2012

Ship passing by...

This weekend's Top news were related with the accident of cruise ship Costa Concordia, in the Italian island of Giglio...
An unfortunate event....still, on a ship with more than 4000 people, things could have been a lot worst (but should have been a lot better, with no accident at all...)

Anyway, curiously, last week, the arrival that another cruise ship made to Madeira had called my attention due to the proximity to the land.
Not usual to see cruise ships passing by so close to the airport....still, some nice pics...

TAP's A320 CS-TNP getting ready to the departure with Saga Pearl II passing by a lot closer than most cruise ships

amother one, with TF-BBE, from Bluebird Cargo
After passing by the airport's terminal, set course further off the coast, heading to Funchal.

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