segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

Enter Air by night

Since the end of May (check hereEnter Air has been making its weekly flight from Prague to Madeira (ENT801) during the night, arriving here at around 3/4 a.m.

I do love photographic plane spotting but not enought to get up for that....(at least not for a B734 that I had already caught during the day...)

Yesterday, noticed it was schedulled to arrive in the begining of the night, so decided that it would make a great oportunity for some night shots without sacrificing my "beauty sleep"

went to get some shots while they were getting ready for the return flight....

Chose a 30s exposure for this one but it didn't turned out as I wanted.
They took a little bit longer than I expected to start pushing back and also, for my intentions, an arriving plane would be a better fit...

2 comentários:

  1. Mas olha que a terceira foto, mesmo não tendo ficado com pretendias, está muito engraçada!
    Nice catches!

  2. Infelizmente não havia nada a chegar (nem a saír...), para fazer umas experiências...