domingo, 8 de maio de 2011

Unusuals by the night

Last saturday night (actually it was already sunday...) I was at S.Cruz so, took the oportunity to go to the airport for some night shots of some unsual traffic in night-stop.

The catch I was after was this Bulgaria Air.
This airline came to Madeira on a weekly basis but usualy it's only by day.
This one made a special charter flight from Sofia just for the Madeira Flower Festival so it was the oportunity to get it on night-stop...

LZ-FBC, the A320 from Bulgaria Air, in night-stop

Not usual to see A320 engines covered at Madeira...anyway, easy to get the engine model....
This Bulgaria Air will depart tomorrow, back to Sofia at 5pm

The other plane I wanted to get on this spotting seasson, PH-VBG, a Falcon 2000 form JetNetherlands... 

And the bonus plane....
I'm pretty sure it's the first time I get a F100 from PGA (or any other company) on night-stop....

3 comentários:

  1. Belas fotos Rui tou a ver que alguem tb anda pela noite dentro acordado lol :P

  2. Afinal sempre conseguiste tirar ao Falcon. O Fokker gostei mais do interior do que o exterior!!! :))

  3. Samuel, até foi cedinho...meia-noite e meia estava despachado :)
    Alex, até eu preferia o interior mas, na falta de bife, come-se fiambre... ;P