quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

Jet2: 757 and the Scotland Menorca

Last Monday, the Air Finland with Allegiant Air livery (OH-AFL) wasn't the only surprise ...
Before that, arrived the Manchester and Leeds flights from Jet2.

The first one to arrive was this 733 (G-CELU):
G-CELU with Scotland titles, entering through "Charlie" after a 23 landing.

Despite I already had photographed this plane (check HERE), it looks like it got an all brand new paintjob....
Besides the titles, all the painting looks brand new, specially noticeable on the engines....shinning!

The second Jet2 of the day was quite a surprise, a B757...as far as I know it's only the second time they bring this type to Madeira and it was another registration.... (check HERE)

The apron with the 2 surprises of lunch time, G-LSAG (B757 from Jet2) and OH-AFL (B757 from Air Finland with Allegiant Air livery) with a more usual Thomas Cook Scandinavia in the middle....

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