segunda-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Memories on a Deutch Russian

The way I caught the Golden Haribo, last week, reminded me of this one.
Like I mentioned of that entry, back then, we had little more info than the arrivals and departures page, from Madeira Airports and usually went to the airport blind and happy with whatever it came.
I remember that I was about to leave but then, I saw another one coming and decided to wait.

Back on the distance, it seemed big...A310. Great! Usually 310's back then were from Hapag-Lloyd and this one seemed like the regular blue but after a few moments it didn't seem blue...what was that?
When it came close enough to see the colors and fuselage details, I went crazy! What a fantastic livery!
Back then, never had heard of S7 (Siberian Airlines)...didn't even knew if it was some publicity, new airline or whatever...
Anyway the livery was just amazing!

D-AHLZ, Hapag-Lloyd's A310 already with the colors of the new owner. Check info on Airfleets

Back then, traffic seemed a lot more interesting and Hapag-Lloyd was regular with the A310 and a lot of flights...
These days, despite Winter season is supposed to be the Top season at Madeira, Tuifly only has 2 weekly flights and traffic is getting less and less interesting (in quantity and in diversity....)
D-AIDD, the second A310 of that day, also from Hapag-Lloyd

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