sábado, 25 de dezembro de 2010

Merry Christmas

It's been some complicated days but I didn't want to let the Christmas day to go away without whishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Thanks for visiting Planes&Stuff... and all the best to you all!

terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Five more...

Haven't been processing any new pics lately, just been browsing some older pics and uploading them to Jetphotos.
Anyway, it's allways pics I find worthy uploading that I find to be nice ones or with a special meaning.

The first one, is one of the few shots I've taken of New Axis Airways. This pic is even more meaningfull as this airline shut its doors a year ago....

F-GLXQ on short final to runway 05
Norwegian Air Shuttle was one of those airlines I allways wanted to see around as it holds a really nice livery,  anyway, never managed to get one of those pics I would consider to be a great one....
LN-NOB from NAX, linning up on runway 05
Europe Airpost stopped coming to Madeira with the start of Winter season.
This day was the only one I managed to get some night shots on this airline.
The pics I took on this day were rejected on the first time I sent them and now, got this one accepted.
F-GIXT just ended push-back to runway 05
I'm a bit tired of First Choice livery but really love these kind of action shots!
G-OOAR landing on runway 05
....and the last one, to remember Binter. It's another of the airlines that decided not to come to Madeira during   Winter season (at least, until now).
It's been a long time since I last caught an ATR, from Brinter so, decided to share upload to Jetphotos this previously unreleased shot.

segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

Tilt-Shift Photography

Read some stuff on this some time ago.
At the time, thought that it would be something interesting to experiment but never really tryed it.

Yesterday, a couple of guys share some experiences at Facebook and decided to give it a try...
Sevilha, Spain

domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

New Photo of the Week - C-295 and Crews

These last days, the detached crews of the C-295 have been making a lot of Medvac's from the smaller neighbour island of Porto Santo.
In at least a couple of days, those missions were made under quite bad weather conditions, with the civil traffic on hold or diverging to Porto Santo and the Canary islands.
Despite that, the C-295 crews took off and managed to land at Madeira acomplishing its mission and assuring that the patients were transfered to the Funchal Central Hospital, for better health care.

A big thumbs up for them! (Yesterday just heard that one of the persons they evacuated was someone acquainted.)

sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Five in a row

Just got an email from Jetphotos, with the aceptance of 5 pics (and one rejection).

All the photos are older pics that were in the "closet" and while browsing my photos, remember to upload them to Jetphotos.

HB-KOR, a Socata TBM-850. Not usual around here.
D-AHIK, special livery for Hamburg 10th Aniversary...double value for this pic, now that unfortunatelly Hamburg closed its doors...
G-OOAR, from Thomson Airways. I wonder if they'll ever paint the A320's in full Thomson livery?
Probably my fav. from the all batch. Allways had a preference for action shots. PH-HSS had the curiosity of  maintaining the winglets of its previous operator: Gol, from Brazil.
you can check it HERE
Not an usual angle at LPMA with a couple of planes in a row, taxiing.
PH-ZOM in the front. Pic taken about 3 months after its delivery to Transavia.
Now in duty with Transavia France, as F-GZHF 
And this was the rejected one (bad contrast....)
Taken while approaching Lisbon, from CS-TNB. Quite an oldie....
Was stored just 4 months after this flight...
It got quite a life...check it HERE

sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

Eyes on: Eldelweiss by Jorge Abreu

On the last post, I hadded Edelweiss to my whislist of airliners I wanted to see at Madeira.

One of the Madeira Spotters has already had the oportunity to make a few shots of these beauties.
Edelweiss A330
Edelweiss A330
Edelweiss A320 / 330
Edelweiss A320

You can check some more great pics at Jorge's web page, HERE

Wishlist - Edelweiss Air

Maybe it's the proximity to Christmas but decided to publish, from times to times a wishlist for the airlines I would love to see around here.
This is a bit "dangerous" as usually when an airline from my spoken wishlist comes to Madeira, I can't get any  really nice pic of it...

Anyway, Edelweiss is definitely one airline I would love to see around...
I can just imagine this pic with Madeira's mountain's in the back...

Or this one, joining 2 beauties...my fav. airliners and great livery...

Santa, I'm a really good boy...!!! ;)

quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

Mais Alto - Nov/Dez 2010

Já está cá fora a Mais Alto (Revista da Força Aérea Portuguesa) nº388, referente a Nov/Dez 2010

terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010


Just got an email, from Jetphotos, advising me that one of my pics is on Top4 of Last 24H:

Last Week, had another pic on the Top4 of Last 24H and Top of last Week:

It's allways nice when you get to see your pics with so much views.
Thank you all!

segunda-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Memories on a Deutch Russian

The way I caught the Golden Haribo, last week, reminded me of this one.
Like I mentioned of that entry, back then, we had little more info than the arrivals and departures page, from Madeira Airports and usually went to the airport blind and happy with whatever it came.
I remember that I was about to leave but then, I saw another one coming and decided to wait.

Back on the distance, it seemed big...A310. Great! Usually 310's back then were from Hapag-Lloyd and this one seemed like the regular blue but after a few moments it didn't seem blue...what was that?
When it came close enough to see the colors and fuselage details, I went crazy! What a fantastic livery!
Back then, never had heard of S7 (Siberian Airlines)...didn't even knew if it was some publicity, new airline or whatever...
Anyway the livery was just amazing!

D-AHLZ, Hapag-Lloyd's A310 already with the colors of the new owner. Check info on Airfleets

Back then, traffic seemed a lot more interesting and Hapag-Lloyd was regular with the A310 and a lot of flights...
These days, despite Winter season is supposed to be the Top season at Madeira, Tuifly only has 2 weekly flights and traffic is getting less and less interesting (in quantity and in diversity....)
D-AIDD, the second A310 of that day, also from Hapag-Lloyd

Incidente - B777 da TAAG em Lisboa - D2-TEF

O GPIAA (Gabinete de Prevenção e Investigação de Acidentes com Aeronaves publicou a primeira Informação sobre o Incidente com o Boeing 777 da TAAG, de matrícula D2-TEF.

sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

Common but not that much....

Sometimes, when spotting, I overlook Sata and specially TAP planes for beeing too common, thinking that I can catch them any time...

Well, just uploaded to Jetphotos a pic of CS-TNV and realised that it's the first one of that plane that I upload.
Even more, according to my processed files, it's only the second time I get that registration this year and it looks like I didn't get it last year....

So, once more, it's better to "shoot anything that moves" than later realising that I lost the oportunity....(can't forget to remember that....lol)

sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

Memories - My last ATR flight

Was looking at some vacation pics when I came up with this one:

EC-IPJ from Naysa / Binter. On the back, one of the newest ATR-72/500 taking off
This was the last flight I made on an ATR...At the time that should be one of the oldest ATR 72 on duty with Binter, operated by Naysa and, if it wasn't it sure seemed like it was...

The flight was between  Las Palmas (LPA) and Lanzarote (ACE).
That piece of crap was noisy (a lot...) and it felt like it was breaking a part every moment, with lots of vibrations and noises everywhere...
That year was the first one that my daughter flew and after a Madeira (FNC) to Las Palmas (LPA) flight that she didn't enjoy at all, getting a 2 year old kid into another plane for a trip like that, wasn't pleasant at all...
At least the return flights were made in B737....

Got curious to see this plane's carreer at Air Fleets...wow...that thing had been flying in quite "exotic" places before coming to Binter......
Check it HERE

quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

Finnair by Smartlynx

The same day of the Golden Haribo I got a Finnair out of the usual :)
Probably due to the strike inside Finnair, Smartlynx made a couple of flights to Madeira this week.
The first one was in the middle of the night...my dear bed...
The second one was on Dec, 7th in the morning.

After beeing leased to Travel Service, the A320 was back to standart fridge colors...plain white!
So it wasn't a very interesting catch.
Anyway, during the rotation time, there was some rain that turned take off more interesting, with water spraying...

YL-LCE from Smartlynx, on a Finnair flight

Taking off to Helsinki from runway 23

quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Gold Haribo

Finally managed to the get Gold Haribo, the last one of current Tuifly special liveries...

Yesterday decided to go to the airport for some spotting. It's been quite a while since I had been there for a spotting morning.
Knew that the Cargo flight, from Swiftair ,was a different registration with no pics on the main photo databases and also knew that the Finnair flight was beeing made by a Smartlynx A320.
Didn't knew what else was coming and didn't care...

It felt like the first times of spotting where you went to the airport completely "blind" and happy with whatever you got...
I was also with no radio (bateries went out) when I noticed some plane far away, on final to runway 23, pointed my Bigma and....!!!!!! WTF?? The Golden Haribo!!! YESS!!!!!
The first time I took such a long shot that was acceptable...
On the back, a sistem of solar panels is beeing mounted in Caniçal.


That white nose sure gives it an even more colourfull touch...

TAP also brought one of its "specials" ...CS-TNP

Taxi was made after some rain...it was the all morning like that...sun, rain, sun... which turned out really nice..

A really nice take off from runway 23, to Hannover

 Took a lot more pics of this one but I'll leave some more for another ocasion...

segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

TAAG's B777 incident at Lisbon

Today, a TAAG B777 had some kind of incident on the departure from Lisbon to Luanda.
You can check more info at AVHerald
(Edited Dec.13th - Added Link for the info on the incident from the Portuguese Investigation Beaurau:

Regarding this incident, it's yet too soon for causes and pointing fingers but I must admit that looking at its records, it's one airline I probably won't be flying....

Anyway, I do find their livery very nice, specially on their B777...
Still never managed to get a really nice pic of it.
Last vacations, during my scales in Lisbon, got to see their 777 but only managed to take pics through the terminal windows or through my plane's windows, during taxi...

I guess that this one should be one of the best pics taken at the time...
Didn't get the registration, so, don't really know if it's the one that had today's incident.... (D2-TEF)

domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Just curious....

I'm just curious....
One of my most viewed entries is "Nov.9th - New Colors, Winglets and others..."

Even today (the last 24H) it was by far my most viewed post, way ahead the last entry, "

US Coast Guard 2005 at Madeira", in my opinion, a really nice entry...

Can anyone explain me the special interest in that post??

sábado, 4 de dezembro de 2010

US Coast Guard 2005 at Madeira

Like I promissed on the last post, Here are some pics of a really great day, were we had at Madeira a couple of C-130J from US Coast Guard a a KC-10 Stratotanker, from US Air Force.
Definitely a unique day at Madeira...

The Coast Guard C-130 were here to to a personel replacing on one if its ships that was scaling Funchal.
As far as I can remember, it was the only time I saw C-130 around here that weren't from PoAF.
They were also the first C-130J I saw live, on a time that there was much talking about the possible purchase of this model, to the PoAF...
For now, I'll just share the pics of one of the C-130's...the 2005...and Wow, they look great on the Coast Guard livery!!!

This Week's Photo


sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010


Yesterday was browsing through my pics and came up to some pics of this really speciall day (specially for a military aviation fan like me....)

It's clearly the silhouette of a C-130 and at first sight it would seem like it's nothing out of the ordinary...Portuguese C-130 are common around here...but...the silhouette (and the label....lol) also shows that clearly it's not a PoAF C-130...they don't have those propellers....

The next post will bring more pics of this great day...It was the only time I remeber seeing other than the PoAF C-130 at Madeira, and they came on the double...
It's not every day we go to the airport in time for the sunrise, but there days well worth it....

quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Portuguese Air Defense

During the last Unit day at AM3, the Air Force High-Ranks revealed that the Air Defense Radar at Madeira (Pico do Areeiro) is already undergoing tests.
With a great timing, another aviation fan just shared with me a link for an Air Defense small movie, by Portuguese Air Force....