domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

Aerocondor at Madeira

This is a post on request from Paulo Olim, Asas Madeira Blog. ;)

He asked for Aerocondor pics at Madeira.
This was one of the airlines that assured the Madeira-Porto Santo flights. I don't now exactly during which years they made this route but I'll try to get exact dates and post later.

I don't know if I really got all the planes they used at Madeira but I'm pretty sure I did....

The most used type was the Shorts 360...(ugly box....) with CS-TMN and CS-TLJ

Sometimes they also used the Do-228, a litle plane that I allways enjoyed seeing.
Only caught it once or twice and was used usually due to mechanical problems with the Shorts.

The other plane they used (not for long) was an ATR-42, which they even said it would be used on regular basis for the Madeira-Porto Santo but by then, things were going really down with the company and it never made more than a few days or weeks on the route....

The "Moscas" (Flies) was also operated by Aerocondor.
It was used to transport and air release of infertile fruit flies, produced at a regional lab, as a way of combat to these insects.....

After Aerocondor, Sata went for this route with ATP and still assures it, now with the Dash Q200....

4 comentários:

  1. Lindo Rui já tinha umas saudades de o ver, especial do barulho que fazia ao passar pela casa dos meus pais, Aerocondor não havia dia que não o via, a voar pelos ceús!
    Agora esse ATR-42 passou-me mesmo ao lado, esse não cheguei a ver nem a sombra dele!
    A segunda foto esta mesmo linda gostei.

    Paulo Olim
    Asas Madeira

  2. A segunda foi tirada de um sítio de onde dicifilmente tirarei

  3. grande ATR por acaso gostei de voar nele...

  4. O shorts, é mesmo feio, e ainda dizem mal do Q400... lol