sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

1 Year!

Today, António Luís, well known among the Portuguese Air Enthusiasts for its Military Aviation Blog, Pássaro de Ferro,  is celebrating the first aniversary of its personal blog, Latitude 40.
Like I already said, congratulations on that mark and I hope you can share your thoughts for many more years...

That fact made me go and look for how long I've been maintaining this blog and, curiously...it's also celebrating a Year, since I started posting on a regular basis.
(The actual first post was just an experience post, made more than 3 years ago and then I let this asleep for about 2 years before the real startup...I guess it really doesn't count...)

Anyway, you can find that first regular post HERE. Curiously (and unfortunatelly) one of the planes highlighted on that post has already gone (and one of its crew with it...)...that's aviation, like everything else in life...

Aviation has had a primary highlight in this blog and will continue to be so, although I do like to share other toughs from time to time, personally I'm the kind of person that's usually a closed one, aviation (and its photography) it's my passion and that's what I most enjoy to share...

To finish, a photo that I've already shared a lot of times and it's probably well known among the visitors but that represents one of the most amazing experiences I've had this last year, regarding aviation., described in THIS POST

See you around....

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  1. Uma coincidência curiosa, meu caro amigo!
    Longa vida para o Planes and Stuff!
    Já sabes que me tens como fiel e dedicado leitor!