quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Squadron 501 on the duty

After the storm at Madeira, last Feb.20th, the C-130's of Sqd.501 are assuring the transportation of lots of equipment and personel to help the recovery of the damage and victims.

Yesterday and today four flights were made to bring the necessary equipment and personel to mount a temporary military brigde to replace a destroyed one and also to return some equipment and personal that is not needed anymore.

Yesterday, Jorge Abreu got some fantastic shots of one of the arrivals. Check them HERE

Today I managed to get one of the arrivals, of 16802.
Almost didn't get them landing as runway 05 was in use but they wanted to cut short and asked to land in 23...not only was in the other side of the airport (from where I was) but also they would land in backlight, for the photos....
Too bad, got into the car and rushed into runway 23....

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