terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Joint spotting

Last Saturday, a couple of outside spotters were around for a spotting day at Madeira.
The main purpose: to get the SBA's 767, in the morning.

I only joined them at lunch time for a "espetada" on a nearby restaurant, after which we went around before the rest of the afternoon traffic.
The first place we went was the old Noratlas, a well known wreckage at Água de Pena, near the airport.
This was Portuguese Air Force Noratlas 6419 that sufered a terrorist atack with a bomb, back in 1975, carried through by FLAMA, an independentist group that was quite active back then.
PoAF took the usable stuff and made a public sell of the wreckage.

Runway 23 quite visible, from the cockpit.

After a visit to under the runway 23 (which has an area of playgrounds and several sports) we went behind the airport, for a catch of CS-TNN take off, from runway 23. An early take off, so no interesting background...

With no more more traffic to take off, it was time to go for the landings. For the first (CS-TNQ) we went to a point where the columns are quite visible

And then moved for a closer location, on the usual "cantina" place.
This Air Berlin (previously LTU) provided a really nice sequence, from which I took this weeks photo.

An unusual sight, with a couple of planes in the runway. Runway 23 was in use but the Sata ATP, coming from Las Palmas, requested runway 05 and was waiting for the Air Berlin to clear taxiway Bravo, before entering the apron.

The Easyjet arriving from Bristol. By now, I was shooting at 1/80 and it was the last pic of the day as Aigle Azur was quite late and was getting too dark for any other traffic.

TAP's Star Alliance (CS-TNP) also came in, but the pics got real crappy.
Anyway a great afternoon of spotting and gathering with Pedro Almeida and João Melim.
You can check Pedro Almeida's photos of this day at Fórum APEA.

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  1. O que se pode dizer?
    Um excelente dia de spotting (com espetada e tudo) até fiquei com água na boca, lol