sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Good bye Barracuda!

Just read at Publico (national newspaper) that the NRP Barracuda made its last mission.
Will now became a museum.
Its most known mission was the one it "atacked" and "sunk" the "USS Eisenhower" aircraft carrier.
A dificult mission for any sub and even more for a sub with that technology and age (15 years in 1983).

It was delivered in October 1968. With 42 (planned for an active life of 25) Years old (Oct.2010) it was the oldest sub of the Nato fleet, a real museum in active duty...

In 2008, during Navy Day celebrations, that were carryed through at Madeira, I had the oportunity to visit it.
You can check the photos of that visit here:


Will be replaced by the brand new NRP Tridente class subs.

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  1. Boas-Pois grande gloria portuguesa, por acaso ja tive dentro dele umas quantas vezes, penso que foi o barracuda que deu mais sustos a tripulação.
    Para usar os tropedos da frente e uma aventura pois tem la montes de mantimentos.
    O que me espanta mais e as condições humanas que tem por la, para mim são os melhores de portugal, pelas condições que tem de enfrentar a nivel de tudo.