terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009

Remembering Maersk Air

Was just browsing some old pics, thinking that a lot has changed since I started registering my spotting into photography.
Lots of Airlines with which I grew are now gone and or bought by others and all are definitly with diferent colors and liveries.

This one got it all, several liveries and bought by another company and gone (and later the company that bought it was also gone...)

I'm talking about Maersk Air. The photos I have from them are from the first year I started photographing planes as a hobby, back in 2004 (and one pic from 2005).

It doesn't seem too long but, like I said....a lot has changed...

Even if back then it didn't seem to be something to remember, now this old livery brings a lot of nostalgia and a retro feeling.

They also had this "snow white" livery....

Another registration with the regular blue livery

The next was the last livery used before beeing bought by Sterling. Back then I tought it was an amazing livery, far better and more modern looking than the old one, but never managed to get many pics of it.
Today, I still think it's a very nice livery.

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  1. Excelente série.
    Gosto particularmente da última.