quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

June, 29th afternoon traffic

Last Monday (29th, June) was one of those great afternoons of spotting. In less than one hour and a half, there was some real nice traffic, great light and the least usual runway in use (23).

It was one of those days I was really happy with the results and considered it a well worth trip to the airport. The pics could be probably better (they allways can) but still took some of the best pics I've taken lately (in my opinion, of course) Runway 23, in the afternoon provides the light from the right direction and some great backrgound in landings and take-offs.

My daughter wasn't beeing very "cooperative" in the landings, so ended up staying in a place not so good, with a lot of photos out of focus or with light poles and other stuff in front of the planes...

Anyway, for the take-offs I went to usual place, behind the airport, which provides some nice backgrounds in runway 23 take-offs.

Couldn't manage any good pic of the landing of this Travel Service with Oman colors, but the ones from take off weren't that bad and it made the take off on the right place and not too soon, like the SAS.

Despite the good light there was a lot of areas of shadow alternated with areas of sun and some times was hard to get the plane in the sun...

An overview of the landing of TAP's CS-TNJ with Easyjet on the holding point of taxiway Bravo and Travel Service ready to taxi.

I guess Luxair was the star of the day for me. It was the plane of which I got the best pics, like the first one of this post and the one I chose as Photo of the Week. This one was taken just a second after the one of the Week and after a second look, I really do think this one's better than the other.

Like I said before, sometimes was hard to get the planes in sun areas. In this photo it still has some sun on the tail, but the rest of the pics got it allways on shadow areas...

Quite an early take off, from this SAS A319.

Last plane of the day for me, this Flyglobespan, almost entering taxiway Charlie, after landing on runway 23.

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  1. O que dizer perante esta maravilha?
    Quando for à Madeira sei onde vou passar a maior parte do tempo.

  2. Pode-se tentar arranjar um guia para os melhores "spots"... ;)