segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

Navy Lynx at LPMA and new Photo of the Week

Last Tuesday, the President of the National Parliament made a visit to Ilhas Selvagens (Savage Islands) which are part of the Madeira Archipelago and the most southern portuguese territorry, near the Canary islands.

He made the trip on board N.R.P. Bartolomeu Dias, the new Portuguese frigate.
Anyway, alghtough the crew had to make the trip since Lisbon ;) the dear President of the Parliament came by plane to Madeira and then by Helicopter to the frigate.

So, the frigate's helicopter made a few trips during the day for transportation of the political and military high ranks and also the journalists.

Just caught one of those flights, by the end of the day and what a surprise it was...
Comms were bad and wasn't understanding the call sign (also the comms heard from the heli had a background sound of a washing machine or a cake beater...a long flight in that should be nice...argh..!)

Anyway, it was the first time I caught the Lynx at the Airport, and with a nice afternoon sunlight, reasons for the Photo of the Week.

On final to runway 05.

It came to a complete air.

an then it started an "air taxi" to stand Alpha 12.

An interesting sight, seeing that litle bird flying low (low speed and low altitude) passing the bigger birds. Too bad there wasn't much traffic. When I caught this one it was already a bit far...

After "unloading" the passengers, refueling for another flight.
Tower asked for intentions:
-Back to "mother ship" and then return with another batch of passengers.

After refueling they got authorized to take off from taxiway: power, take off, air taxi to taxiway Bravo...
These ones were taken with already low light, far in the distance and "fighting" against the fence (and loosing...) so the results weren't that good...

And off they go, heading "mother ship": N.R.P. Bartolomeu Dias.

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