quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

US Navy and XL colors

Last Tuesday (19th May) we had a couple of very rare movements around here.
The first was a C40 (B737) from US Navy.
Military planes are rare around here, specially US ones so, although this hadn't many differences form any B737 civil airliners, it's allways an interesting catch.

Its presence had probably something to do with the scale of USS Nashville at Funchal Port.
Went for the afternoon traffic and as I arrived it was getting ready to leave. What a luck.
Anyway, its departure was quite delayed as they realised upon cleared for push-back that they had no push-back tow....
I'm guessing that someone forgot to contract one...
Finally, after almost 45minuts, they managed to get a tow for the job and linned up on runway 05:

Although it has winglets now, the US flag and "United States Navy" were removed, so the plane is visually less actractive...

You could notice in the comunications that the crews wasn't used to navigate around here, as they were carefully (more than usual) confirming every step, navigation point and intruction from the tower and seemed unfamiliar with the navigation points and SIDS.

The usual Portuguese colors:

By this time, Rui Freitas had also arrived and made me some company for the rest of the traffic.
Whenever I get an Air Berlin with new colors, it has to be a crappy weather...

And finally another great piece of traffic: XL colors back to Madeira with this XL Germany making a flight for Tuifly.
Hadn't seen these colors around here since XL.Com went down...

We also had Tuifly special livery of the Hanover Airport...
A very nice traffic afternoon, too bad about the dark and cloudy weather.

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