terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2009

Hapag Special and Aviocars on the double

Yesterday (21.Apr.2009) afternoon went to the airport for some spotting and it was one of those days really worth it. With 3 Tuifly's (Hapag-Lloyds) coming in the afternoon, there was a good chance of getting something really interesting. Before leaving to the airport, already knew that 2 of them were bluey's (boring regular Tui blue livery used by almost all the airlines connected with the TUI group). The 3rd one, in the other hand was something worth the trip: D-AHLK, the only Tuifly special liverie that I hadn't caught yet.

Also, when I was on my way to the airport, Jorge Abreu called me, saying that there was a big nose Aviocar parked in the apron...A 300?? Well, definitely worth the trip: I had never had caught a C212-300, here at Madeira.
After all it ended being a catch on the double for Aviocars as a while after I arrived, Medic36 (the callsign for Medical Evacuations made from the PoAF C212-100 from Porto Santo) arrived from PXO.
This last one is quite an historic pic.
PoAF already started receiving the replacer for these planes, the C-295M and probably during next year all the C212-100 will be taken off duty and the two C212-300 will be out also during the year after...

These were the stars of the day for me but there was also some other traffic:

On a quick stop, on a spot suggested by Jorge, we still managed to get D-ABAQ, from Air Berlin, over the famous columns of Madeira Airport. Too bad about the late take off.It was a very quick flight for this one...the passenger was feeling "vertigo"... something to do with the windy take-off? :))

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